I found a charge from PPL*PEOPLEFINDERS on my credit card statement. Who are they?

I found a charge from PPL*PEOPLEFINDERS on my credit card statement. Who are they?

The name might sound vaguely familiar, but perhaps you cannot quite recall what it was that you bought from PPL*PEOPLEFINDERS. Here, we answer your questions about this billing name and how to proceed in regards to recurring charges.


PPL*PEOPLEFINDERS is the billing name for purchases made on the PeopleFinders public records search site.

What is the charge for?

Depending on the dollar amount, the presence of a charge from PPL*PEOPLEFINDERS means that, at some point, you created a PeopleFinders account and authorized a charge for either:

  • A single people search, reverse phone lookup, background check, criminal records or public records report
  • A monthly membership. This charge will appear whenever you sign up for a full PeopleFinders membership. If you purchased a single report and opted for the 3-Day trial offer, the full monthly membership charge will also appear on your credit card statement if you didn’t cancel within three days. Any other trial offer not cancelled within the stated period of time can also result in this charge.

How do I stop PPL*PEOPLEFINDERS charges?

If you just purchased a single report, you don’t have to do anything; your credit card won’t be charged again until you authorize another report.

When a PPL*PEOPLEFINDERS charge is for a monthly membership, it will occur every month with the automatic renewal of your membership. In this case, you need to formally cancel your membership on the PeopleFinders site to stop charges from continuing.

But wait!

If you have no need for PeopleFinders information and services, by all means, cancel. But since you already have the month anyway, why not go ahead and use it to explore all the things you can find out about people or properties? While it lasts, your membership entitles you to numerous searches each month (just how many searches and how in-depth they go is dependent on whether you have a standard or Premium Membership). So, look up the person behind that unknown phone number, find out if your suspicious neighbor has a criminal record, or get the contact information you need to reconnect with an old friend. Whatever you want to know.

With billions of public records at your disposal, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the information you can find. But if you still want to cancel your membership, simply log-in to your PeopleFinders account, go to My Home, and click the “I would like to cancel my membership” link. To keep your membership from renewing, be sure to cancel within a month of the initial charge date.