Can I log into my PeopleFinders account using one of my social accounts?

Can I log into my PeopleFinders account using one of my social accounts?

Yes, you can. For your convenience, we currently offer social login access via a Facebook or Google account.

You can use your social account user name and password to create a new PeopleFinders account or to access your existing PeopleFinders account. You still have the option of using a separate password for PeopleFinders, if you prefer.

Once you use your Facebook and/or Google account to login, that account becomes officially linked to your PeopleFinders account. (You can even have both of them linked, if you want.)

You will be able to see what social accounts are linked to your PeopleFinders account in the “Linked Accounts” section of the Your Account tab on your account Dashboard. And even if you didn’t use your Facebook or Google account to login, you can still add those accounts to your PeopleFinders account manually in that same section.

Moving forward, you can choose to login either with those social account credentials or with the separate login credentials you created specifically for PeopleFinders. As far as we’re concerned, they’re interchangeable.

Also note: As we link your social accounts to your PeopleFinders account on our end, so too do Facebook and Google link your PeopleFinders account to them. Once the connection has been made, you should be able to find PeopleFinders as a 3rd Party Application in the social accounts’ settings.